Meeting our charitable aims (April 18 – March 19)

Supporting local organisations:

  • Ravenscliffe Community Association
  • Thorpe Edge Community Project
  • Eccleshill Community Association
  • Fagley Community Association
  • Bloomin Buds Theatre Company

Additionally, NCA have offered support to some of the very small organisations working in the Newlands area.  This support has included helping with publicity, policies and procedures and identifying small funding pots.

Volunteer placements:

In the past 12 months we have had 1 volunteer providing Admin/reception cover who found a permanent role with a local company, with NCA providing a reference.

Supporting local work:

NCA offered support for work in Fagley and have collaborated with Bradford Council to develop a Community Engagement role.  NCA have funded this role for 3 years and the worker is employed by Bradford Council as a member of Bradford East Neighbourhood Services Team.

Subsidised or waived rent to charities/VCS:

  • SNOOP (unit for climbing wall)
  • Bradford North Foodbank
  • Thorpe Edge Community Project
  • Ravenscliffe Community Association
  • Children’s Place
  • Newlands Furniture Project
  • Provide a free meeting room every month for the Youth Service Team in this area
  • Hamper raffle to raise fund for North Bradford Food Bank
  • McMillan Coffee Morning
  • Breast Cancer Coffee Morning

Future plans:

We continue to work with RCA to develop an accredited training centre and work experience opportunities for local young people. A steering group has been formed and initial plans for the expansion of the Gateway Centre have been drawn up.

Review of Activities:

During the year Newlands Community Association has:

  • continued to strengthen working relationships between the charity, local groups and organisations
  • worked with the onsite Café has built up its customer base and attract a growing number of outside visitors to Inspire Business Park. The café is proving very popular with patients and families attending Eccleshill Treatment Centre.
  • continued to support Bradford North Food Bank by encouraging donations and raising funds through a raffle.
  • maintained close links with community nurseries run by Children’s Place. The nursery at Gateway Centre was assessed as Good and Rockwell Nursery was assessed as Excellent by Ofsted.  Local children and their families really benefit from their involvement with the nurseries.