Sustainable synergy shared between RRG Bradford Toyota & Inspire Business Park

By Ascensor Air | 21st September 2021

In the vibrant city of Bradford, here at RRG Toyota, we’re always looking for exciting local partnership opportunities where local businesses can support each other.

RRG Bradford Toyota recently paid a visit to the Inspire Business Park to showcase the Toyota All New Proace Electric van.

Given our shared vision of generating green energy and reducing carbon footprint, Inspire Business Park and RRG Toyota are an ideal partnership.   Pioneering hybrid technology over 20 years ago with the Prius model, Toyota has led the way in developing low-emission vehicles to reduce C02 output which in-turn benefits customers with cars that are more efficient and cost-effective to run.

Today, a range of self-charging and plug-in hybrid, battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are available in the range to continue delivering on Toyota’s environmental commitments. From a business perspective, the All New Proace Electric van showcases this perfectly.

If you’re a local business in Bradford looking for both sustainable office space combined with running efficient vehicles on your fleet, Inspire Business Park is the ideal environment combining attractive lease terms, a variety of workspace and ethical credentials, while the Proace Electric van delivers low running costs, great performance and low Benefit in Kind tax.

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